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Iva is a teenage Calypsian, an alien living on one of Saturn’s moons. She enjoys her sheltered life and feels safe knowing her home’s atmosphere is designed to protect them from enemies. But when Calypso is suddenly invaded by humans, she finds herself face to face with Justin, a 17 year old boy from Earth. Stuck in the middle of a war zone, Justin and Iva have no choice but to put trust in each other in order to put a stop to what's going on, and save their own worlds.

Calypso is my first published book! It is still available for Kindle, Kobo, and in paperback from and

A little snip-it pour vous

But there was just that thing tugging inside of me that made me want to puke. That thing that told me Justin was an alien, and his people brought weapons with them to our home. That thing told me that Justin could be making me think he was nice so he could lure me into a trap. But then my stomach flip flopped around, and made me ache for him to step in closer to me. That new thing in my stomach was telling me that he was being nice because he was actually a nice person. But it kept going back and forth. I wanted to trust him, but I felt like I shouldn’t. I wanted to be his friend, but I was still afraid of him. So I made the decision to keep playing it safe until I got to know him better.  Don’t trust him so easily, I thought. Let him prove that he deserves it.

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