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                                                                  have always dreamed of going to Mars. Before they even knew that it was a possibility, if the two weren’t helping each other study, they were watching sci-fi movies together. So when The Mars Group announced that they were building a community away from Earth, Jack and Aspen vowed to graduate from university and both get jobs there.

                                                                                                             the two have gone their separate ways. Aspen is a physician for The Mars Group, but instead of working on Mars, she’s stuck on Earth, doing physical exams for people applying to the program. And when Jack walks into her exam room as an applicant, it catches them both off guard.

                                                                                for them to reconnect and they fall into step with each other so effortlessly, just like in university. But things didn’t work out so well for them then, and Aspen’s afraid that this time it’ll be no different. Or worse, that if she gets close to him again, watching him move to another planet will hurt her more than she can handle.

author, reader, things in between
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