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She’s almost 30 and her last breakup took a lot out of her. She’ll just keep working at a fancy pizza restaurant with her friend Claire, and selling clay sculptures on Etsy. But there’s a big romance movie being filmed in her town, and Logan Jackson, star of the popular TV show Neighbourly, is in it. And Isla gets a job bringing pizza to the set.

Claire listens in fascination as Isla tells her about her experience dealing with Logan Jackson, but Isla’s mortified. She can’t seem to form proper sentences around him, or even keep food in her mouth while in his presence. What’s even worse is they keep running into each other outside of the movie set, and Isla suddenly forgets how to act like a human being every time. Logan doesn’t notice anything strange though, and they start to form a friendship. A friendship that everyone in town sees as something more.

When Logan asks Isla to keep up the charade for the media, she agrees to play along on the grounds that they don’t kiss or touch each other’s butts. Because like Isla said, she doesn’t want a boyfriend.

Not even if it’s Logan Jackson.  

...Of course she doesn’t.

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