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                                                             It’s fine, even. And Reese is totally fine and can totally turn thirty without freaking out. Well, she’s going to freak out, but not because she’s turning thirty.

At her birthday party, Reese meets Felix, and she’s immediately captivated by him. (But she’s drunk, so that doesn’t count, right?) He makes her laugh but he also makes her question her sanity. Or maybe she’s questioning his sanity? Because you see, Felix is fantastic in every way besides the weird things that he does and scary things he seems to believe.

Reese has a battle with herself (and her best friend) over whether or not this Felix guy is for real. Over whether or not he’s dangerous. But after experiencing something herself that should be impossible, Reese starts to realize that maybe Felix isn’t actually unsafe to be around. Maybe he’s even her safest option.

After all, Reese has never felt so comfortable with anyone in her entire life, and Felix feels the same way. Given their circumstances though, making their relationship work is easier said than done.

But it doesn’t hurt to pretend.

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